01 | What To Expect

In this episode, I give a glimpse into what you can expect from The Nonprofit Optimizer.

The goal of this podcast is to be extremely practical. From direct mail appeals to engaging volunteers, to database management to cross training staff to recognizing memorial donations, we are going to explore together how to tackle these projects and tasks with excellence and simplicity. 

So, what will each episode look like?

  • 10-20 minutes long, depending on the topic. 

  • Released every other week. 

  • Actionable takeaways - a tool to utilize, a template for your next project, or an example to chew on and then implement in your context.

  • Crowdsourced elements - Whether I share a one-off tip from a listener, or build a whole episode around feedback and topic suggestions, I want this to be a crowdsourced podcast. There’s a wealth of information out there and I want this podcast to be a platform where that information can be shared.

Share tips, ask questions, or offer topic suggestions by reaching out on twitter @thenpoptimizer or emailing feedback@thenonprofitoptimizer.com.

Liz Hixson